Astounding disorientating show… I am confident we will be seeing, and feeling, more of the Belgian company responsible – Ontroerend Goed.

The Guardian – Lyn Gardner ****

As an essay in intimacy, human warmth and real emotional attention – and a reflection on the shocking lack of it, in many busy modern lives – ‘The Smile off Your Face’ is an unforgettable experience.

The Scotsman – Joyce Mc Millan ****

A disorientating but extraordinary performance (…) It leaves you feeling fantastic.

The Times – Donald Hutera *****

Last year in Edinburgh I argued that the hit show ‘The Smile Off Your Face’ wouldn't bear a repeat viewing... Well, I was wrong. I find something ineffably sad about the way that it encourages intimacy and yet ultimately shows intimacy to be an illusion, but this is a genuinely beguiling piece of theatre 

The Guardian – Lyn Gardner