£¥€$ (Lies) isn’t just a clever historical and psychological analysis of the high finance world, it’s also smart, fast and incredibly exciting theatre.

De Morgen - Evelyne Coussens *****

... It’s phenomenal how, in less than two hours, £¥€$ succeeds in providing an insight into a complex historical theme like the financialisation of the economy. This in itself is a masterstroke, but the psychological mindfuck lingers even more.

De Morgen - Evelyne Coussens *****

Ontroerend Goed builds the stock market suspense in an almost inconspicuous way

De Standaard - Filip Tielens ****

After the markets have crashed and the light went out (literally), short positions, mergers and bond sales are the topic of conversation in the queue for the cloakroom. Financial news has suddenly become more tangible. That might just be the greatest merit of £¥€$. 

De Standaard - Ruben Mooijman ****

As interactive theatrical experiences go, Ontroerend Goed's £¥€$ has got to be one of the best. The audience are sucked into a world of global markets, banks and the deals to be had, then hit square between the eyes with message about economics.

What's On Stage - Su Carroll ****

What Ontroerend Goed has done with £¥€$  is far more powerful than simply presenting a play about greed and corruption. We can feel the damage done and we have no-one else to blame. It's a lesson for us all.

What's On Stage - Su Carroll ****

It’s the Belgian company Ontroerend Goed back at its remarkable best, a show that simultaneously reinvents what theatre can be and triggers our emotions in exactly the way the best theatre can do.

The Scotsman - Mark Fisher *****

Under the ever-reliable direction of Alexander Devriendt, this is as polished a performance as you will see in Edinburgh and should be on everyone’s must-see list, especially those of politicians and bankers.

British Theatre Guide - Philip Fisher *****

Driving a global market to implosion, and spurring a financial crisis that causes widespread misery and uncertainty, really shouldn’t be this fun. Yet, the gleeful pursuit of profits in Ontroerend Goed’s new co-production is so satisfying you might well forget about the consequences.

Exeunt Magazine - Chris McCormack

As the minutes passed, each participant’s eyes light up like James Caan in The Gambler. Pure adrenaline. Traders don't have the monopoly on greed. Better than a moral lesson on the side effects of financial capitalism, ‘£¥€$’ reminds us that money is charged with emotion. Its psychological and emotional aspects are central to the show.

Le Figaro Culture - Etienne Sorin

This carefully crafted, immersive show is quite simply wonderful and even a tad addictive for some

Le Dauphine - Sophie Bauret

Let’s be very clear that this isn’t about participating in a giant board game, but about participating in a theatre play in which audience immersion and participation takes on its full meaning

Art au Present - Marius Baulieu

Pleasing, simple and rare theatrical format. Given the active part that the audience is allowed to play, £¥€$ lets the spectator-player's thoughts and feelings run wild, caught up in the pleasure of winning. At least for now…

Journal La Terrasse - Eric Demey

deliciously subversive

Toute La Culture - Amelie Blaustein Niddam

You see your fortune grow, you discover the subtleties of investments, you feel yourself becoming one of the masters of the world up to the inevitable grain of sand, under the masterful command of the team of actors for which Alexander Devriendt and his partners in crime called upon French accomplices, who manage to guide the game from start to finish whilst making us totally forget that we’re in the theatre; and putting us, at the end, before the reality of a stock market crash… and our responsibilities in it

Le Soir - Jean-Marie Wynants

A theatrical piece of rare intelligence that employs emotion to better understand the world of finance, as well as human greed. Mind-blowing!

RFI - Muriel Maalouf