De Morgen - Evelyne Coussens *****

De Morgen - Evelyne Coussens *****

De Standaard - Filip Tielens ****

De Standaard - Ruben Mooijman ****

As interactive theatrical experiences go, Ontroerend Goed's £¥€$ has got to be one of the best. The audience are sucked into a world of global markets, banks and the deals to be had, then hit square between the eyes with message about economics.

What's On Stage - Su Carroll ****

What Ontroerend Goed has done with £¥€$  is far more powerful than simply presenting a play about greed and corruption. We can feel the damage done and we have no-one else to blame. It's a lesson for us all.

What's On Stage - Su Carroll ****

It’s the Belgian company Ontroerend Goed back at its remarkable best, a show that simultaneously reinvents what theatre can be and triggers our emotions in exactly the way the best theatre can do.

The Scotsman - Mark Fisher *****

Under the ever-reliable direction of Alexander Devriendt, this is as polished a performance as you will see in Edinburgh and should be on everyone’s must-see list, especially those of politicians and bankers.

British Theatre Guide - Philip Fisher *****

Driving a global market to implosion, and spurring a financial crisis that causes widespread misery and uncertainty, really shouldn’t be this fun. Yet, the gleeful pursuit of profits in Ontroerend Goed’s new co-production is so satisfying you might well forget about the consequences.

Exeunt Magazine - Chris McCormack