‘A History of Everything’ earns its extraordinary title. (…) It’s a moving reminder of the miracle, for want of a better word, of being here at all. An awesome, powerful, inspiring work.

Time Out Sydney – Darryn King ****

It’s not just a critique of the selective human memory, but also of how the media selectively create the news (the history of the future) and thus determine our world view.

Cobra.be – Liv Laveyne ****

With simple theatrical means and a lot of acumen, Devriendt doesn’t only present us an intrigueing overview of history, he also makes us feel how fickle and at the same time valuable every piece of information and thus every life is.

Theaterkrant.nl – Moos van den Broek ****

As the planets bob through the darkness in a strangely beautiful light show, only to be swallowed up in a dazzling burst of anti-creation, it’s hard not to be moved. And to marvel at just how incredible it is that we came to exist at all.

Exeunt Magazine – Belinda Dillon ****

Though the play explores our collective history, it is far from a mere history lesson. Even the most knowledgeable audience member will be enticed by the artistry with which the Earth’s story is told. (…) ‘A History of Everything’ is also peppered with insightful and often funny monologues exploring the beginnings of colonisation, agriculture and religion. It is a humbling portrait of how modern humans came to be, and a playful exposition of the reality of our insignificance.

New Scientist – Wendy Zukerman

A crisp ensemble of seven needle sharp performers and a team of magicians on lighting and sound…

Herald – Bill Stone