A show that raises that many questions in 25 minutes is doing something special.

The Sunday Times – Adrian Turpin ****

What is surprising is the extent to which almost everyone, even knowing that this is a carefully staged performance, is drawn into the fiction … There’s something intriguing, even profound, going on here about the lack of simple intimacy in our lives and our susceptibility to a kind word or glance that gets to the heart of our alienation from one another.

The Times – Robert Dawson Scott ****

What's remarkable about this 25-minute experience is the extent to which it seems to make people both think and feel… So is it true that real relationships are becoming too difficult for us? Are we such a bunch of sad cases that we need to buy a theatre ticket to get a date? Or have we just forgotten, in our earnest quest for autonomy and self-sufficiency, how to make that first move towards something that notoriously brings pain and need as well as joy and fulfilment? Ontroerend Goed's performance never pretends to answer these questions, but it certainly raises them, more powerful than any theatre experience I can remember.

The Scotsman – Joyce Mc Millan *****

Afterwards was a rip tide of regret at not making more of the moment - and giddily confused elation. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

The Herald – Neil Cooper *****

Astonishing how much we tell each other at that one moment, without talking. With a lump in the throat I stare at the black curtain and I can only confess that the end was inevitable, but at the same time heartbreaking

Cutting Edge – Robbie Hermans ****

‘Internal’ is carnivorous. It preys upon its audience, feasting on our individual characters before spitting us out into the city half-eaten… This is theatre that is not afraid to be nasty. Not Ravenhill-Kane-in-yer-face nasty, but wounding-scarring-real-world nasty. It manipulates; it betrays your trust; it seduces; it rejects.

Culture Wars – Matt Trueman