With this show, Ontroerend Goed has made me think and doubt, discuss and feel many different things. They rarely sign up for a night out of carefree beauty and entertainment, you always need to process things, and that’s an extraordinarily great merit. Hurry up and get your tickets, you want to experience this.

De Morgen – Griet Op de Beeck

It shows how easily the majority can gang up on the minority when threatened, and the overlap between democracy and autocracy. Democracy is all well and good, but only when you form a part of the majority

Culture Wars – Daniel Hutton

‘Fight Night’, like all Ontroerend Goed’s productions leaves many divided, but it can’t be denied that it is a company which continually pushes the ways in which it interacts with audience, and with this produces challenging work that questions and provokes

A Younger Theatre – Jake Orr ****

‘Fight Night’ develops into a vital exploration (…) into why we cling to our democratic institutions despite their failures, and what the alternatives might look like; and how, in the end, we deal with dissent, in a big society or a small room where the majority have decided, but a large minority beg to disagree

The Scotsman – Joyce McMillan ****